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Ash Wednesday

12:00pm- Ash Wednesday Mass in Annunciation chapel
7:00pm- Ash Wednesday prayer service with distribution of ashes in Maria Hall Chapel

Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent.  The ashes we wear on our heads today remind us of our need to repent and turn to God.  They also remind us of our death.

If Easter is such a joyful time for Christians, why begin our season of preparation with such a somber symbol?  It is because we are not afraid.    It is because we recognize that we make mistakes and that we will die someday.  Far from dwelling on this negatively, when we pray for forgiveness today and receive ashes on our foreheads, we look our shortcomings in the eye and take our mortality by the hand.  We acknowledge our sinfulness and look to our death, not so that they remain in the shadows of gloom and guilt, but so that they can be brought into the light of a loving God, who gives life to the world.

Today we repent and turn to God.  Let us do so, and enter the season of Lent unafraid!