New Orleans Service Trip Information

We will drive down in a 10-passenger van leaving early Sunday morning March 6 and arriving after dinner 7pm. Campus Ministry will provide breakfast during the van ride and then during our stops you can purchase your lunch/dinner. (Campus Ministry will provide some snacks)

We are staying at the House of Charity in New Orleans. A community of sisters of charity live there and staff the house to host service groups. They provide home cooked meals and a welcoming place to sleep.

Our primary focus is to help rebuild houses that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  No prior experience/skills are necessary. However, we will need to take old clothes, closed toed shoes and we will get dirty. M-F we will work at St Bernard project from 1-7 rebuilding houses.   We will have time to do some sight-seeing in the morning times. At some time during the day we will pray/reflect about our service experiences.

We will return to Leavenworth late night March 12 or early hours of March 13. On the return van ride Campus Ministry will provide one meal and the rest will be your responsibility.

The cost per person for housing, food, and transportation is $150.

Application Process

Step 1.   Please fill out the online application by clicking on the link provided here:   Please complete the online application no later than January 30. Once you hit submit, you cannot change your responses on the application.

Step 2. We will review the applications taking into consideration if you have attended a USM service trip before, the year you graduate, and why you want to go. (Please take your time on the application) We will let you know if you are accepted or on the wait list by Wednesday Feb 4.

 Responsibilities upon Acceptance

  1. You will need to pay $25 deposit and complete St. Bernard paperwork by February 13.
  2. Participate in one fundraiser.
  3. Attend  group meetings prior to going.
  4. Pay the rest of the money by February 27.
  5. Be willing to give a presentation about our experience upon returning







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