Going Home

Bob Dylan sings “I was young when I left home… I never wrote a letter to my home… I can’t go home this way.”  Lent is a time of returning home; a time of going back.

Like the lost man in Dylan’s song, we often look back to something wonderful we’ve lost in our lives, but we think we’re too far gone to go back, saying “I can’t go home this way.”

If there is something during this Lenten season to which you feel you need to return… reconciling with an old friend, casting off a bad habit, or visiting someone you haven’t seen in a long time… take this opportunity to do it.  Take comfort in the words of the Prophet Joel, “Even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart.”

We may feel unable to go home, but these words suggest that it is never too late.  So take this opportunity during Lent to turn around and revisit a piece of home you’ve left behind.


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