Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!  When we express gratitude, we become more aware of the need to preserve the good things in our world and bring joy to others. Members of our community at USM have written down some things for which they are thankful…

* My life. I am thankful for Jesus dying for me. My Family. Love and I am thankful that I can get a good education!

* My Faith

* My Family

* Faith and the fullness of my Catholic faith. I am thankful for the opportunity to practice and to receive the Eucharist daily, openly, and freely. I am thankful for my parents and family, the many freedoms we have. The many workers who preserve them and to live in our great country. God has blessed us I am thankful for the gift of our heavenly mother.

* The helpful people in the ARC

* Dr Krusemark, Music Teacher Yeah!

* For good health, mobility and life

* That my daughter is doing well, after being discharged from the hospital

* My family and the love and support they give me.

* My family and friends

* My wonderful husband of 32 years and 2 daughters

* My health, my family & friends as well as my Saint Mary family. Most importantly, my faith.

* My friends and family supporting me with all things I do and being able to make memories with them.

* Family and community

* Friends and fam, bam

* The school community

* My friends

* Parents

* My squad

* For my feet and my hair

* The breath of life

* My friends, family and classmates

Thanks to Sharon Clay and the Office of Development for collecting notes of thankfulness.


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